DIY Cat Toys to Keep Them Busy

Part 1: Introduction to DIY Cat Toys

Cats are known for their independent and playful nature. They crave mental and physical stimulation to keep them engaged and happy. As pet owners, it is our responsibility to provide them with the necessary tools to satisfy their natural instincts. One effective way to do this is by creating DIY cat toys. Not only will these toys keep your feline friend entertained, but they will also save you money. In this article, we will discuss four different types of DIY cat toys that can help keep your furry companion busy and content.

Part 2: Interactive Puzzle Toys

1. Paper Bag Surprise:

Take a simple paper bag and crumple it up into a ball. Place some treats or catnip inside, then fold the opening a few times to seal it. The crinkling sound of the bag will pique your cat’s curiosity, and they will love the challenge of finding the hidden treasures inside. This toy will provide both mental and physical stimulation for your cat.

2. Food Dispenser Toy:

Using a clean plastic bottle, cut several holes of different sizes near the bottom. Fill the bottle with your cat’s favorite dry treats or kibble. As your cat bats the bottle around, the treats will fall out of the holes, rewarding their efforts. This DIY food dispenser toy will keep your cat entertained while encouraging them to work for their food, adding a touch of excitement to their mealtime.

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Part 3: Interactive Wand Toys

1. Feather Wand:

Attach a feather or a small toy to a string or ribbon, making sure it is firmly secured. Cats love to chase and pounce on moving objects, and this toy will provide the perfect opportunity for them to channel their inner hunter. You can vary the speed and height of the feather to keep your cat engaged and mimic the unpredictability of prey.

2. Laser Pointer:

A laser pointer is a fantastic tool to keep your cat entertained. Simply shine the laser on the floor or wall, and watch as your cat chases the elusive red dot. It is essential to never shine the laser pointer directly into your cat’s eyes, as it could cause damage. This interactive wand toy is perfect for engaging your cat in a fun and stimulating play session.

Part 4: DIY Catnip Toys

1. Sock Catnip Toy:

Take a clean, old sock and stuff it with catnip. Tie a knot at the open end to secure the catnip inside. Your cat will be instantly attracted to the enticing scent of catnip, and the soft texture of the sock will provide them with a comforting plaything. This simple yet effective DIY catnip toy will keep your cat entertained for hours.

2. Catnip Pouch:

Cut a small piece of fabric, such as felt or cotton, into a rectangular shape. Fold it in half and sew three of the edges, leaving one side open. Fill the pouch with dried catnip and sew the final edge closed. This catnip pouch can be easily thrown around, encouraging your cat to play and explore. The aromatic properties of catnip will make this toy irresistible for your feline friend.


DIY cat toys are a great way to provide your cat with mental and physical stimulation while fostering their natural instincts. Whether you choose to create interactive puzzle toys, wand toys, or catnip toys, these homemade creations will keep your furry companion entertained and content. Remember to supervise your cat during playtime to ensure their safety. Engaging in interactive play with your cat not only strengthens your bond but also promotes their overall well-being. So, grab some common household items and get creative with these DIY cat toys – your cat will thank you for it!